The BakStrap

The BakStrap

Not another sling

About Us

We are two brothers who share a life long love of the outdoors. We call it the bush. We like it rugged, and like to take on all outdoor hunting adventures that may call to us. We developed the BakStrap to make carrying a rifle with a sling more secure, and more safe. The BakStrap eliminates sling slip, enabling you to cover rugged terrain, crawl through thick brush, and enter and exit your deer stand without having to continually keep your rifle secured with one hand. We spent a full year developing and field testing and making it the conditions we sometimes encounter as hunters. We believe after hunting with a BakStrap, you will find it hard to go into the bush without one. It's made in the USA. By hunters. Our guarantee is that it is built tough and fits any hunter and any sling. Free yourself up for the hunt! And check out its many other uses. Thanks for dropping by.

Brett and Rick Beavers


The BakStrap eliminates sling slip in all hunting conditions. It keeps your rifle sling from slipping off your shoulder in the field over the roughest terrain.
(Note: KidFin Outdoors always encourages use of a safety harness and lifeline whenever hunting up in a tree. Photos and videos on this sight are for promotional purposes only, and not actual hunts.)

Functions with a shotgun

Free up your hands for walking into the dove field or the duck blind.

Check it out!

Besides eliminating sling slip, the BakStrap has many other uses.


The BakStrap




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